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Big Hero 6




Due to various pressures, my recent posting has not been as frequent as it was previously, for which I apologise to anyone who noticed. But that doesn’t mean I’ve been shirking in my viewing, so here is my review of Disney’s winner of the Best Animated Feature Oscar, Big Hero 6. I went into Big Hero 6 with both high expectations and trepidation. Any film that receives high praise from critics, audiences and the Academy has a lot to live up to, and I was sceptical that BH6 would satisfy me. I am delighted to report that not only did the film succeed in living up to expectations but it surpassed them, providing laughs, thrills, lumps in the throat and punch-the-air delight in equal measure. Boasting some dazzling animation and the most adorable movie robot since Wall-E, Big Hero 6 demonstrates once again that Disney Animation knows its stuff and continues to push the envelope it helped develop many years ago. 2015 is proving to be the Year of the Robot, with Big Hero 6 joining Chappie and Ex Machina, while Avengers: Age of Ultron and Terminator Genesys are forthcoming. Thus far, the robots are reigning rather respectably.


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