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Mid-Year Review

It is that time of the year when film critics say “It is that time of the year.” And it is, indeed, that time of the year when I decide what are the best films of the year so far and how shall I rank them, according to my arbitrary and subjective notions of quality.

To clarify, I use UK release dates to determine what is a film of what year, so don’t go telling me such-and-such was really last year. To avoid confusion, I include the UK general release dates according to the IMDb, as well as links to my earlier reviews.

2015: Top Six of Six Months

Birdman Or (The Unexpected Virtue Of Ignorance) (1 January 2015)


A fearless, relentless, tragicomic blasterpiece.

Ex Machina (21 January 2015)


An eerie, beguiling and enthralling exploration of identity, consciousness and personhood.

Blackhat (20 February 2015)


A gripping and enthralling existential thriller of identity in a world of anonymity.

A Most Violent Year (23 January 2015)


A measured, compelling and de-romanticised portrayal of the American Dream.

Danny Collins (29 May 2015)


A warm, witty, hilarious, bittersweet, moving tale of redemption, family and the choices we make.

Selma (6 February 2015)


An intricate, powerful tale of great events told through the lens of shared, social experience.

These six are pretty good and they were hard to pick. Will all or indeed any of them make it into the Top Twelve at the end of the year? Time will tell…


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