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Ant-Man-Poster Ant-Man marks a change for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Whereas previous films have steadily upped the stakes, Peyton Reed’s entry scales things down (in multiple ways), delivering a warm, witty and sometimes wacky tale of guilt-ridden fathers and second chances. Ant-Man‘s connection to the Avengers is through plot developments rather than ironic winks, and the film features as many laugh-out-loud moments as Guardians of the Galaxy and also an engaging visual style, as Reed along with DOP Russell Carpenter and production designers Shepherd Frankel and Marcus Rowland make great use of their protagonist’s diminutiveness. Co-writer Paul Rudd makes for a likeable star, his slightly hangdog expression shifting to wry determination as his character Scott Lang embraces his heroic destiny. But the film’s greatest strength is its blending of genres. Much as GOTG was part space opera and Captain America: The Winter Soldier was part conspiracy thriller, Ant-Man plays largely as a heist/caper film. The (clichéd) band of specialized thieves, the last job that will finish their life of crime, the chain of events that lead to this one score (presented amusingly by Michael Peña), the planning that cross-cuts with execution – all these elements are delivered with verve and aplomb. Ant-Man therefore demonstrates one of the keys to Marvel’s ongoing success – rather than simply being one super-powered smackdown after another, the films of the MCU continually re-modulate and reform, developing the genre as well as the franchise. the-antman-gangs-heist-plan-is-laid-out-in-the-latest-featurette_1


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