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Mid-Year Review



By the Beard of Kubrick, we’re already half way through by the year! 2016 seems to be disappearing faster than good sense and decency in the UK electorate. But the movies keep coming thick and fast, and like a good critic, I need to rank them in my arbitrary and completely subjective fashion.

As we’re six months through the year (and I do a top 12 overall), I rank my top six films so far, based on the cited date for UK general release (so don’t go telling me ‘That film came out last year!’). Therefore, with much aplomb (which you can provide yourself), here are my top six films of the first half of 2016:

1. Room (15 January 2016)


A sublime, magnificent, heartwarming, heartbreaking tale of the terrible and the wonderful.


2. Zootropolis (25 March 2016)


A brilliantly inventive, hilariously zany, poignant and intelligent anthropomorphic comedy.


3. Eye in the Sky (15 April 2016)


A tense, nerve-shredding thriller of surveillance, globalization, military, political and ethical conundrums.


4. Spotlight (29 January 2016)


An absorbing, compelling journalism thriller about community, tradition and responsibility.


5. The Big Short (22 January 2016)


An equal parts hilarious and horrifying tale of economic, intellectual and moral bankruptcy.


6. The Revenant (15 January 2016)


An immersive, ethereal yet tactile portrait of survival, nature and revenge.

That’s a pretty good bunch, so if any of these don’t make it into the Top Twelve at the end of the year, 2016 will have been a very impressive year indeed.


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