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Top Six of First Six 2019



As the year reaches its half way point, I take stock of what I have seen thus far. I was able to see more films for the first month, managing seven in January (although some were leftovers from December). Then work got in the way and I had to be picky about my encounters.

51380734_10100652095634775_8411628045454016512_n Godzilla Still

Most galling in this regard was not seeing the eventual Best Picture winner until after the Academy Awards took place, which has not happened for years. But at least I ticked off all eight of them, as usual some being released this year, and one creeping into my top six thus far.


2019 has had its share of prestige fodder and box office battalions, with Hollywood, Britain and other countries jostling at the cinema. The year thus far has rewarded, confounded and exceeded expectations with sequels and franchise instalments, although the best offerings came from unexpected sources. Thus, my personal six best films of the first six months of 2019 are:


The Favourite  the favourite

An extraordinary, acerbic, acidic and at times absurdist comedy-drama of manners, manipulation and monarchy.






Avengers: Endgame  Endgame 1

An enveloping, emotional, exhilarating, witty, tragic, astonishing and utterly triumphant superhero epic of extraordinary ambition and magnificent realisation.



Booksmart booksmart

A gloriously funny, beautifully sweet, sometimes surreal, touching, delightful coming of age comedy of being more than you or anyone else expects.




Rocketman elton-johns-biopic-rocketman-to-premiere-at-cannes-film-festival

A flamboyant, fabulous and frenetic bio-musical of a flamboyant, fabulous and frenetic talent and personality.





Us Us

A malevolent, magnificent, Marxist, satirical nightmare of demographics, doppelgängers and dance.




Fighting With My Family 2019-Fighting-With-My-Family-poster

A joyous, heartwarming, bittersweet delight of family, wrestling, dreams and the pride of being a freak from Norwich.




Honourable Mention


Captain Marvel marvel1

A glorious superpowered special forces adventure of memory, identity and morality, boosted with beautiful politics of diversity and inclusion.



Stinker So Far


X-Men: Dark Phoenix XMDP

A disparate and somewhat hollow but still brooding and atmospheric superhero adventure, spiced with the most dramatic of dramatic scores.



What will the rest of the year bring? Certainly there is much to be excited about, as Avengers, Jedi, musicians, demon clowns, entrepreneurs and more continue to compete for attention in the overcrowded cinemas. Plus there are remakes, re-releases and homages still to come. Will these six make it into the Top Twelve of 2019? Check back in six months to find out!


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