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Top (and Bottom) of 2019


Loyal followers, I pray your forgiveness! I have been so terribly remiss in putting out my content. It’s like I had a new job that took up more time, preventing me from being the bonkers blogging bonanza that I had been. I am, most assuredly, ashamed.

Image result for so sorry meme

However, better late than never and in decidedly non-seasonal but still musical form, my top 12 films of 2019:

On the twelfth day of Christmas

The movies gave to me

Twelve Brooklyn orphans

2019-Motherless Brooklyn-poster

Eleven Doctors sleeping


Ten Midsommar tributes


Nine fighting families


Eight Doppelgängers


Seven Little Women


Six Rocketmen


Five Book smarts


Four Knives a-outing


Three Jokers joking


Two Games a-Ending

Endgame 1

And the Favourite of Queen Anne!

the favourite

In slightly clearer form:

  1. The Favourite

An extraordinary, acerbic, acidic and at times absurdist comedy-drama of manners, manipulation and monarchy.

  1. Avengers: Endgame

An enveloping, emotional, exhilarating, witty, tragic, astonishing and utterly triumphant superhero epic of extraordinary ambition and magnificent realisation.

  1. Joker

A disturbing, grimy, gripping and grim portrait of anonymity, identity and psychosis both personal and social.

  1. Knives Out

A gleefully twisty, deliciously self-aware and constantly surprising whodunnit of razor sharp interplay and social satire.

  1. Booksmart

A gloriously funny, beautifully sweet, sometimes surreal, touching, delightful coming of age comedy of being more than you or anyone else expects.

  1. Rocketman

A flamboyant, fabulous and frenetic bio-musical of a flamboyant, fabulous and frenetic talent and personality.

  1. Little Women

A gorgeously assured, fluidly told, moving and enchanting drama of family, identity, creativity, memory and social roles, devised and delivered with the greatest respect for its characters, subject and audience.

  1. Us

A malevolent, magnificent, Marxist, satirical nightmare of demographics, doppelgängers and dance.

  1. Fighting With My Family

A joyous, heartwarming, bittersweet delight of family, wrestling, dreams and the pride of being a freak from Norwich.

  1. Midsommar

A deep focus, long take folk horror nightmare of loss, grief, mistrust, relationships, dark humour and creeping dread.

  1. Doctor Sleep

An enthralling, enveloping nightmare of trauma, evil and facing fears, with just the right balance of homage and innovation.

  1. Motherless Brooklyn

A quirky, jazzy, intricate and melancholy par-boiled detective thriller of urban and social threads, corruption and the dangers of demagogues.

As a bonus, here are the films I found most disappointing last year:

  1. The Drone (Turkey of the Year)

A monumentally stupid tech thriller with zero scares, some laughs and an admirably game cast.


  1. Madness in the Method

A super-meta navel gaze of wit, send-up, profanity and all round what the fuckery?!


  1. The Lion King

A visually breathtaking if dramatically disjunctive reimagining of a timeless classic.

The Lion King banner

  1. Alita: Battle Angel

The best parts of Avatar plus the worst parts of Ghost in the Shell equals a clunky narrative of cliched characters and underdeveloped themes, enervated by thrilling and visceral action.


  1. Godzilla: King of the Monsters

An awe-inspiring and viscerally thrilling if sometimes jumbled and reiterative monster maelstrom of mayhem.

Godzilla Poster

  1. X-Men: Dark Phoenix

A disparate and somewhat hollow but still brooding and atmospheric superhero adventure, spiced with the most dramatic of dramatic scores.


  1. It: Chapter Two

An uneven horror thriller of memories, stories, friendship and fear, weak in its fragmented vignettes yet stronger in the sum of its united parts.


  1. The Irishman

A languorous, meandering and overlong exploration of memory, disengagement and regret, balancing ponderousness with poignance but ultimately less than the sum of its parts.


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