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I’m a little busy this weekend due to FrightFest 2020. It’s an online festival but I’m seeing and reviewing quite a few films. These reviews will appear on the review site, the Critical Movie Critics. In brief though, so far I’ve seen four films, and my views are:

A suffusive, sensual and seriously sinister blend of repression, rebellion, teen terror and occult horror.

A slow burn, drip feed delivery of menace and dread, repression, deceit and the uncovering of deep, dark secrets.

A sumptuous, handsome and bloody but clumsy, campy and ultimately unconvincing mishmash of folk horror, history and action.

A garish, confused and awful muddle of genre tropes, wretched people and nonsensical ideas around fame, recriminations and stupidity.

More to follow, as HorrOctober continues!


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