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Review of 2022: Stinkers of the Year


My last post was a bit of a rant about the overwriting of contemporary blockbusters. Therefore, it’s worth saying that some of those blockbusters, as well as some lower budget releases, make up my personal worst films of the year. Only ten here, because these are not worth singing about, and not ranked, because I found all of them rubbish if in different ways. 

An occasionally vertiginous and visceral survival horror, that plummets painfully into convolutions, excessive backstories and looking far too pretty. 

A shonky if snappy creature feature with a crocodile in Hampshire.

An intriguing blend of body and folk horror undone by leaden plotting, literally wooden acting and amateurish directing. 

An amusing premise with impressive gore drained of tension and humour by a painfully protracted pace. 

A thematically rich folk horror satire of class warfare, robbed of suspense by loose plotting and uneven direction. 

A wild, overwrought and messy flurry of tired cliches and garish visuals.

A messy jumble of half-baked ideas, half-hearted narrative threads, indulgent nostalgia, underdone stakes, excessive characters and inadequate dinosaurs, elevated by occasional stylish set pieces.

A rather stilted and visually unbalanced superpower horror chase thriller that is ironically rather cold.

Deep South Taken mashed with cut-price Man On Fire in a tedious, inept splodge of blithering hysteria and blathering twaddle. 

A poorly paced and irritating influencer horror comedy that undermines its laughs with being too knowing and its scares with its found footage conceit.

Quite the set of stinkers. I recommend you avoid all of them.


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